Unfortunately, a lot of mature aged people, who didn’t grow up with computers and the internet, feel anxious about using technology and believe it’s too late to learn about it. I understand that AI might seem complex and intimidating at first glance. However, here’s the good news: accessing and using AI is not difficult at all, once you know how. And the benefits it can bring are truly life changing.

This book aims to bridge that gap. It will show you how you can easily embrace AI to unlock new opportunities for learning, creativity, and fun. With AI as your ally, you can enrich your life and make the most out of each day, regardless of your age or background. Come with me on an exhilarating journey into the captivating world of AI.

Brace yourself for an adventure filled with delightful surprises and whimsical activities, making your learning experience both enjoyable, exciting and fun.

Peter Thorpe