Hello, my name is Peter Thorpe and I’m 80 years young. I’ve always been passionate about learning, and these days, I happily dedicate much of my time to exploring new skills and knowledge. My insatiable thirst for learning keeps my mind engaged and my brain active.

Lately, I’ve become captivated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is transforming our lives, influencing how we work, play and interact with the world. From virtual assistants on smartphones, to chatbots and self-driving cars, AI is seamlessly integrating into our daily lives.

The reason I decided to write this book is, a lot of people who didn’t grow up with computers, have no idea what AI all about and I believe they are missing out on a whole world of information, knowledge and good old-fashioned fun. The things you can do with AI are absolutely amazing. AI can assist you with things like, planning travel and exploring new places to visit. It can help with finances and budgeting, shopping, learning languages and translation, recipes plus recommendations for books and movies. It’s uses are endless and continually expanding.

AI can also provide conversation and companionship, which is especially beneficial for people who live solo. It’s like having your own personal companion and assistant.

So, I encourage you to join in the AI revolution today by reading my book. I promise you won’t regret it!

Peter Thorpe